Does SailStep fit your boat?

Model C-17 fits many sailboats with a fiberglass toe rail and rub rail, up to about 45 feet, including:

    • Catalina

      models 25, 30 mark I, 309, 320 mark II, 34, 350, 36, 375, 380, 390, and 42.
      C-30 mark II & III, and C-320 mark I, do not have a toe rail at the cockpit.  Please call for further info.

    • Ericson

      models 27, 29, 32, 34, 35, 36, and 38.
      It does not fit the 38-200, as the toe rail is too tall.

    • Hunter

      Vision 36.
      Sorry, it cannot be made to fit boats with half-round toe-rails.

    • O’Day

      models 35 and 36 center cockpit.

    • Pearson

      model 31.

    • Your boat’s not listed?

      We’ve tested the boats listed above, but as you know, there are dozens of manufacturers, and hundreds of models!  SailStep may fit your boat, but we haven’t tested one in our local marina yet….
      Please give us a call, or send photos of your toe rail and rub rail, with a ruler for scale.  We’d like to work with you to see if we have the right solution for you.

Please note:

  • Floating docks differ in height. SailStep is ideal for boats with decks resting up to 32” above the dock.
  • If you have any questions about SailStep’s fit, or your boat’s configuration, kindly give us a call at 510-384-8420.