Does SailStep fit your boat?

Model A-14 fits most sailboats, up to about 45 feet, with a slotted aluminum toe-rail, including:

  • Beneteau

    all sailboats with an aluminum toe-rail.

  • Catalina

    models 315, 355, 385, 400, and 445.
    Please call about the 470. Does not fit the Sparkman & Stephens C-38.

  • Jeanneau

    all boats with a slotted aluminum toe-rail.

  • And Many Others

    SailStep fits most boats with a slotted aluminum toe-rail, including some boats by C&C, Dufour, Hunter, Hylas, Nordic-Norstar, O’Day, Olson, Outbound, Pearson, Santana, Swan, Tartan, Wauquiez & more. Please call us to discuss your boat’s configuration.

Please note:

  • Floating docks differ in height. SailStep is ideal for boats with decks resting up to 32” above the dock.
  • Please call us before ordering for a Hunter. We’d like to assure that you’re sent the right parts for your boat.
  • If you have any questions about SailStep’s fit, or your boat’s configuration, kindly give us a call at 510-384-8420.